VitalQuartz TapFilter - On-tap filtration

Filtered and vitalized water directly from the tap

The TapFilter boasts a special 0.45 micron VitalQuartz cartridge, the same as the VitalQuartz Service in a smaller size. Its outstanding performances have been measured at the end of the liter-rating and validated by official European authorities. The table below gives the percentages of pollutants eliminated.

After this filtration, the water is vitalized into the center of the cartridge. The VitalQuartz media, through quantum technology, transfers its subtle vibration to the water.

Le VitalQuartz Tapfilter branché sur un robinet.
L'eau du réseau passe dans la cartouche à charbon actif qui se trouve sous le capot, et est vitalisée en sortant du tube central.

The TapFilter eliminates bacteria, chlorine, and chemical residues.

The TapFilter offers drinking water which is essentially free of dangerous and unwanted components: chlorine, bacteria, fungi, heavy metals, residues from pollution and agriculture…as well as hormones.

Any unpleasant taste or smell completely disappears; we rediscover the joy of pure, healthy water.

The TapFilter is fast and easy to install and to move. It’s perfectly suited for any use: kitchen, bathroom, student room, hotel, campsite, etc…

Purification rates and Characteristics

Filtration to 0,45 micron 
Production: 40 liters / h (varies with mains pressure)
Cartridge rating: 3 600 liters.
Cartridge weight: 140 grams
Cartridge lifespan:1 year
Max pressure: 4 bars
Weight VitalQuartz TapFilter:  410 grams
Guarantee: 1 year

Comes with a 0.45 micron VitalQuartz cartridge pre-installed, and an adapter for taps with a diameter of 22 mm or 24 mm

The VitalQuartz Tapfilter is designed for mains water. For off-grid applications, the water must first be treated to drinking-quality standards.
To see our solutions for well, borehole or rain water, visit our POTAB Kit.

How to install the TapFilter?