VitalQuartz solutions for public water distribution and sewage treatment

Public services linked to water

Mains supply distribution:
VitalQuartz DH series systems can help substantially minimize limescale-related problems.
We find limescale in the distribution network (deposits on valves, water meters…), and of course at the consumers’ points of use. Installing a VitalQuartz system benefits all members of the community!

Formation of biofilm in piping is also minimized by our systems.

Wastewater treatment:
Any type of treatment or purification of water will be reduced by the re-structuring offered by VitalQuartz systems.

The water recovers its lost energetic value and is suited to be discharged into the environment. It can also be used for watering at city parks and facilities.

Dessin 3D d'une station d'épuration.

Beneficial applications for many public facilities

Bassin d'une piscines olympique à l'eau claire.

Pools, sports complexes

Jets d'eau illuminés dans un parc de ville.


The advantages of VitalQuartz systems

The VitalQuartz rand of devices can be effective on:

Savings can be made on:

Plus, our devices improve the efficiency of installations, and they offer quick return on investment.

Moreover, VitalQuartz systems will fit perfectly in the sustainable development efforts the community is making.

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