A new generation of water treatment

Bioresonance: the active principle that makes VitalQuartz systems work

To better understand the principle of bioresonance, we must know that physical science has established that all matter is constantly emitting subtle vibrations as a result of electrons’ agitation. A. Boudet, Doctor of Physical Sciences explains: “In solids, a given position is only an average, and the atoms oscillate around this average position. They’re in perpetual movement. Matter, far from being inert, is the home of intense movement of atoms and the electric charges that constitute them. Because of this, matter constantly emits electromagnetic waves of various frequencies.” In other words, it emits an energy.

It’s this energy that is transferred to the fluids that flow through VitalQuartz systems. This transmission of information or structure to the liquid, water for example, happens instantaneously without direct contact with the fluid, thanks to the quantum resonators built into VitalQuartz devices. This effect doesn’t use any external energy and doesn’t “wear off” or “wear out.”

It’s the nature of this subtle vibration that brings about the positive and measurable changes in the quality of liquids in open or closed circuits. The uniqueness of VitalQuartz systems resides in the exceptional characteristics of the vibration, the fruit of several years of research and experimentation in quantum physics.

DH Series Model

L'eau entre dans le système VitalQuartz et est structurée avec un système de double hélice.

316L food-grade stainless

First level of structuring.
All of the internal and external structure of VitalQuartz systems is made of 316L stainless steel. This structure has been “reorganized” using quantum physics principles to itself be an agent of information transmission.


Double vortex

This remarkable double helix is pure VitalQuartz genius. Its role is to clear the water’s memory, making it more receptive to effective re-structuring.


Subtle information

the vibration transferred to the liquid.
According to the same quantum principles, this exceptional information is readily “recorded” in the structure of the quartz. The quartz guarantees the quality of this information, effective indefinitely.


VitalQuartz water structuring systems:

are made of grade 316L (food-grade) stainless steel

Les systèmes VitalQuartz ne modifient pas les propriétés organoleptiques de l'eau.

do not modify water’s organoleptic qualities

Les systèmes VitalQuartz ne modifient pas la composition de l'eau.

do not release any substance/molecule into water

Les systèmes VitalQuartz fonctionnent sans électricité.

do not use electricity or any other energy

Les systèmes VitalQuartz ne sont pas magnétisés.

do not contain magnets and are not magnetic

Les systèmes VitalQuartz permettent de réaliser des économies.

do not need any maintenance or consumables

Les systèmes VitalQuartz aident à protéger l'environnement et n'ont pas d'obsolescence programmée.

do not have a programmed end of lifespan

Les systèmes VitalQuartz ont une action bénéfique sur l'eau et le vivant.

DO have a positive impact on living beings

A complete range for a variety of contexts

La gamme VitalQuartz Série T

Closed circuits: heating/cooling
Elimination of sludge in loops

Les systèmes VitalQuartz série DH.

Open circuits: mains supply
Limescale issues

Appareil VQP 800

High flow rate open or closed networks
All dimensions on special order