Treating water in government and administrative buildings and other structures open to the public

The problem of limescale

Depending on the characteristics of mains water in each distribution area, limescale can cause real damage to fixtures, and remains a major headache for maintenance staff. What’s more, it often generates enormous upkeep and repair costs.

The most commonly chosen option is the salt-based water softener. But since the January 1989 decree, this solution only allows treatment of part of the water supply, the sanitary hot water! Statistically speaking, DHW represents only a third of the total water consumption of a household. This means that 2/3 are not treated and continue to ”fur up” taps, toilet flush systems, etc. This doesn’t seem logical.

The VitalQuartz DH series systems are fitted at the cold water mains supply and treat the global volume of water used. This is possible because they do not modify the organoleptic properties of water and thus are not subject to the 1989 decree.

Immeuble de locaux administratifs.
Vue en coupe d'une maison, montrant ses réseaux de chauffage, d'eau chaude sanitaire et d'eau froide.

Plan on serious savings

Apart from limescale problems, the heating of premises is a large expense. And adding to that are the costs of maintenance of heating circuits, heat exchangers, and furnaces…

VitalQuartz T series systems will bring about savings through reduced energy consumption, but also through minimized maintenance. And of course, besides all these positive aspects, there is also the gratification of having chosen an environmentally friendly approach.

A complete range for government-funded housing

Government-funded housing unites all the qualitative requirements linked to water treatment: the challenge of limescale, sludge in heating loops, etc.

VitalQuartz systems will undoubtedly provide a cost- efficient and durable solution. And always with the same criteria of effectiveness and environmental protection.

Systèmes VQT100 dans une boîte.

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