Water treatment for multi-family housing

Save money by treating the water!

Property management companies of multi-family housing (co-ownership, apartement blocks, social housing) want to make their budget lighter. VitalQuartz systems can help them save money on items related to water treatment. Where and how?

Mains supply limescale problems are a major expenditure.

DHW production, collective or individual, is another cost item related to energy consumption and maintenance.

Heating is certainly the area in which the most savings can be generated, by treating the water loop with a VitalQuartz device. Eliminating sludge offers substantial energy savings and a lower budget.

For city housing, check our Public buildings page.

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How does it work?

Our VitalQuartz devices need no maintenance or consumables, and do not have a limited lifespan.

They can be integrated with French HQE and other green building certifications. We aspire to customer satisfaction through measurable effectiveness and longevity of equipment and installations. That’s also our contribution to protecting the environment!

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