Our mission: to revolutionize water treatment

Ecological solutions to water problems

In March 2003, an encounter with Ayhan Doyuk sparked the creation of Cybèle-Maïa Nature. The main objective was to offer water treatment, for various usages and in different places, in respect of the environment and living beings.
The company was born on the 1st of January, 2004.

Then, in 2012, we created the VitalQuartz brand and a complete range, designed and assembled in France:

– VitalQuartz T Series et P Series for closed circuits,
VitalQuartz DH Series for open circuits,
– for the general public, VitalQuartz Tapfilter and VitalQuartz Service for drinking water.

Logo Cybèle-Maïa Nature

When confronted with water problems in whatever context, the default solution has generally been chemical treatment. In spite of relatively poor results, major secondary effects detrimental to the lifespan of installations and to the health of humans and other life forms, chemicals are generally used out of ignorance of other existing solutions.

Our approach to water issues is diametrically opposed to this paradigm!

Our understanding and mastery of biophysical processes has helped us to develop new tools, based on biotechnologies, which respect life forms (human, animal, vegetal) as well as the environment.

Biotechnologies bring us surprising techniques for improving water quality. Both analytical results and the measurements and observations of “in-the-field” professionals and end-users confirm the relevance of this approach.

Our philosophy

Knowledge of the nature and properties of water
Objectively measurable effectiveness
Eco-friendly approach respecting the environment and living beings
High-level skills and experience