POTAB 5 - Purifying non-mains water

Purifying wellwater, borehole water, rainwater

For the past 20 years we have been supplying all- inclusive filtration/drinking water kits, today a reference among professionals.

Whatever the source of the water (well, borehole, spring, rainwater collection tanks…) we have to deal with two types of pollution:

microbiological pollutants (bacteria, viruses, algae, micro-organisms…)

chemical pollutants (hydrocarbons, residual chemicals from pharmaceutical, agricultural, or industrial activity…)

For us, non-mains water treatment implies of course the removal of micro-organisms, but also of chemical contaminants, thus better preserving our health.

You can now offer your clientele a tried-and-true solution, guaranteeing the results of your installation:

Citerne de récupération d'eau de pluie.

A POTAB kit will purify your water from a spring or rain collection tank, including for human consumption.

Making water safe... and pure!

The POTAB 5 kit makes it possible to safely use off-grid water, including for human consumption. It treats pollutants of both chemical and microbiological nature. The quality of the drinking water is ensured by the 103SW reverse osmosis unit, equipped with a high performance membrane (USA/Japan). To this day, over 600 POTAB 5 kits are in operation, testifying to their effectiveness. A benchmark!

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