VitalQuartz Service - Under-sink filtration

The alternative to reverse osmosis

For those who don’t care to have a reverse osmosis apparatus, the VitalQuartz Service system is a great alternative. As well as being easy to install, its excellent level of filtration and built-in vitalization make it very competitive compared to other types of filtration.

Pièces qui composent le VitalQuartz service.

Powerful purification

The VitalQuartz Service offers drinking water which is essentially free of undesirable or dangerous components: chlorine, bacteria, fungi, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, residues of agricultural pollutants…plus hormones and pesticides.

Like for the TapFilter, the percentages of elimination displayed have been measured at the end of the cartidge’s lifespan, and validated by a European certification body.

Purification rates and Characteristics

Filtration to 0,45 micron 
Production: 2 liters / min or 120 liters / h (varies with mains pressure)

Cartridge rating: 10 000 liters.
Cartridge weight: 540 grams
Cartridge lifespan:1 year
Max pressure: 4 bars
Weight VitalQuartz Service:  3.7 kg
Guarantee: 1 year

Comes with supply valve, mounting bracket, cups for floor installation, spanner for bowls, tubing, and user instructions.

The VitalQuartz Service is designed for mains water. For off-grid applications, the water must first be treated to drinking-quality standards.
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