The P series - High flow water treatment

Water treatment made to your specifications

The P series systems are designed for closed loops (heating, iced water circuits, swimming pools, environment…) and complete the T series which covers standard dimensions of fluid passage up to 6″/DN150. Thus, the P series systems start at 8″ and can be made in any larger diameter required by the customer.

It’s possible to produce oversized diameters (1.5 meters for example) for the treatment and/or recycling of water purification station output, mains supply for industrial sites, harbors, bays…

The operating principle is of course identical to the other VitalQuartz systems.

Appareil VQP 800

8″ – 16″ and all other sizes made to your specifications

Nageur dans une piscine olympique.

An Olympic pool (3000 m3) equipped with a 16″/ND400.

A series especially for high flowrate needs

The VitalQuartz P series systems have a positive effect on sludge in high flowrate closed loops, for heating but also cooling. They are also very effective for pools: swimming pools, ponds, fountains…

They are indispensable for restructuring water before discharging it into the environment, for cooling at sensitive sites, for sewage treatment plants. They work in essentially every situation in which the water has suffered structural “damage.”

The VitalQuartz P series offers many other advantages, particularly for the industrial sector and other professionals needing to treat their closed loops:


VitalQuartz P series water treatment series:

are made of grade 316L (food-grade) stainless steel

Les systèmes VitalQuartz ne modifient pas les propriétés organoleptiques de l'eau.

do not modify water’s organoleptic qualities

Les systèmes VitalQuartz ne modifient pas la composition de l'eau.

do not release any substance/molecule into water

Les systèmes VitalQuartz fonctionnent sans électricité.

do not use electricity or any other energy

Les systèmes VitalQuartz ne sont pas magnétisés.

do not contain magnets and are not magnetic

Les systèmes VitalQuartz permettent de réaliser des économies.

do not need any maintenance or consumables

Les systèmes VitalQuartz aident à protéger l'environnement et n'ont pas d'obsolescence programmée.

do not have a programmed end of lifespan

Les systèmes VitalQuartz ont une action bénéfique sur l'eau et le vivant.

DO have a positive impact on living beings