Structuring water for planting and irrigation

Plants are living beings!

That’s why they react strongly to water treated and vitalized with VitalQuartz systems. These positive reactions can be observed in particular through the rhizogenesis, the leaf expansion, and the biomass produced.

Whatever the type of crop or plant, VitalQuartz treatment is a real advantage in terms of productivity but also of quality of production.

VitalQuartz systems are suited to all types of irrigation, including spraying and sprinkling. In these last two cases, lime deposit on leaves is minimized.

Moissonneuse dans un champ.

Advantages after installation

Structuring for all types of watering

Our systems are also recommended for greenhouse heating and cooling circuits.

Système d'irrigation goutte à goutte sur des plantations.

The corresponding range

VitalQuartz devices can be used in the following contexts:

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