Treating medical buildings' water systems: hospitals - clinics - retirement homes - nursing homes

Limescale and bacterial problems

Medical and paramedical sites have multiple needs for water: mains supply, hot water loops, heating and cooling, physical therapy pools…
The associated problems are also numerous. VitalQuartz systems offer a fine natural alternative for treating limescale, bacterial development, and sludge.

For hospital structures, it is important to treat wastewater as well, after purification, especially before discharge into the environment. This is the role of VitalQuartz systems.

For liquid radioactive waste of short half life, VitalQuartz has developed a treatment solution to eliminate radioactive particles.
Currently in the validation process, we will communicate on this technology when the time comes.

Conduit qui rejette de l'eau dans un lac.

A complete VitalQuartz solution

Example of installation in the medical sector

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This diagram represents a typical setup for a retirement home. As an example, this equipment configuration in 1 1/2″ diameter, would cost less than 3000€ before installation and sales tax…

For zero yearly upkeep costs!

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