The professional solution for aquatic leisure centers, spas, hot springs, and pools

Well-known issues

Every technician operating in public-access aquatic sites (public pools, water parks, hotel chains, springs and other spas) is confronted with an array of problems related to water: often it’s lime scale, pH, dosing of sanitizer, pollution of pools…

The VitalQuartz T series systems offer concrete solutions.

VitalQuartz systems are advantageous for treating the water in aqua parks’ pools and lakes.

The advantages of VitalQuartz devices

La gamme VitalQuartz Série T du 6 pouces au 1 pouce.

Installed after filtration and treatments, on the pipe returning towards the basin, they offer clear advantages:

Femme dans un bassin sous un jet d'eau, dans un spa.

The ideal solution for aquatic well-being centers

In Thalassotherapy centers, spas or aquabike pools, installation of our ecological water treatment systems offers qualitative advantages for bathers:

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