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Eliminate sludge issues for good, in hot or cold water loops

As heating and/or cooling professionals, you are necessarily confronted with the major bane of your peers: sludge in circuits!

Sludge leads to more frequent call-outs, overconsumption, and unhappy clients. Often, maintenance contracts can become unprofitable or even costly.

Circuit de chauffage avec plancher chauffant et radiateur, sur lequel est installé un système VitalQuartz.

Advantages for all types of installations

La gamme VitalQuartz Série T

A special series for closed circuits

The VitalQuartz T series devices are specially designed for closed circuits. They will be particularly effective for the maintenance and conservation of piping, heating elements, or cooling units. They can be installed on heating or cooling circuits or on a DHW loop. They also offer fine results on pools, ponds, lakes, public fountains…

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