Pure water for restaurants, caterers, and cafeterias

The quality of the water affects everything you prepare!

The RESTO kit is a concept unique to Cybèle Maïa Nature, developed by Ch. Labruyère, based on observations made in the high-volume catering sector as a consultant in production organization. This kit takes into account the real issues of the profession, and provides comfort, user-friendliness and simple maintenance…rediscover the true flavors of products and preparations…fresh out of your kitchen!

A clear-cut objective: to cook with water that doesn’t smell of bleach, that doesn’t contain chemicals, that doesn’t shorten the lifespan of your equipment (percolator, steam oven…), and that doesn’t change the taste of your dishes. As well, you’ll be taking care of your patrons’ health…and your own.

Fitted to the mains connection and completed with a VitalQuartz DH system, this kit offers many other advantages:

Cuisinier dans son restaurant.

Objective: improve the water in the restaurant and in the kitchen, thus increasing product quality.

Advantages after installation

Haricots verts cuits à la vapeur.
Des pâtes cuites à l'eau.
Des asperges cuites à l'eau.

Installing our purification kit will improve quality and taste of water-based preparations, for example:

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A ready-to-install water treatment kit

For sale in 10″ and 20″ versions, this solution will suit the majority of restaurant applications but also central and community kitchens. Custom kits can be composed depending on the source of the water.

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