Water treatment for bakeries

The characteristics of the water influence the quality of your bread

To meet the requirements of bakers concerned with the taste and texture of their bread, we have conceived a kit “Boulange” complete with a VitalQuartz DH system. Since bread quality is closely linked to the characteristics of the water used, it is particularly important to have water that is pure, free of major pollutants, and vitalized! The Boulange kit is a natural solution.

Besides reducing chlorine, heavy metal and chemical pollutants, this solution offers other interesting technical aspects:

Boulanger enfournant un pain dans un four.

Extra quality of bread and pastries

Our bakers have made the following observations in situ:

Watch a client review of our filtration kit

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The VitalQuartz BOULANGE kit

Our complete kit for water filtration in bakeries and pastry shops comes with a VitalQuartz DH that re-structures the filtered water. This kit is fitted at the establishment’s mains supply and thus protects all the plumbing, heating elements, the oven, etc.

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