Ecological solutions to water problems

The reference in biophysical water treatment

In 2022, Cybèle-Maïa Nature enters its19th year and confirms its ambition to follow the path towards quality and effectiveness. We apply these values in the sector of ecological water treatment, respectful of living beings and of the environment.

The VitalQuartz range which we have developed wholly respects this unique concept. All the VitalQuartz systems prove their outstanding effectiveness on both open and closed circuits. This effectiveness is achieved essentially through biophysical operating principles, and produces measurable results.

A positive impact on the environment which limits pollution and favors development of living beings, both animal and vegetal.

Illlustration d'une main tendue sous un goutte d'eau contenant la planète Terre.

Lasting effective solutions

Fully aware of the constraints and of the negative impact that chemical treatments for water can have (high and ongoing costs, environmental pollution, reduced lifespan of installations), we have designed the VitalQuartz systems in view of eliminating these negative aspects. A successful wager, and we have tangible, measurable results to prove it!

Ecological water treatment